Resultat 30. juni 2002

1.løb Kallerup Cup Basenji, 272m Tid 6.løb Kallerup Cup 2002, 272m


Vedhauge Sonny Boy (T2) 24,30 BR Wackim Lady (T2) 16,82
(Congo Chorister-BreathlessMaHoney) (Capital Cee-Election Lady)
Makey My Day (T1) O-stil Tomb Rider (T3) 17,45
(Lillegårdens Faron-Bella Donna) (Hambl.Milton-Calamity Jane)
Vedhauge Brith (T3) Disk Gun Metal Blue (T5) 17,53
(Wild Jeriko-Vedhauge Rosina) (Radical Prince-Jockey Flyer)
Maya (T1) 17,67
2.løb Specialløb Whippets, 272m (Hambl.Milton-Calamity Jane)
Sofia (T4) 19,74 Babars Champion (T4) 17,72
(Ludah's Lion Heart-Koko Chanel) (Some Picture-Danielle Delight)
Vibes Idena (T1) 20,70 Ballytopper Star (T6) 18,14
(Veefa Victor-Vibes Sarah) (Spondulicks-Move Over Mindy)
Coastwind Riders Wibroe (T2) 20,73
(Showline Sabago-CWR Diam) 7.løb Specialløb Greyhound,272m
Hauxwells Freja (T3) Udgik Johny Alsutina's Hiem (T2) 16,93
(Imarisan Boshido-Statue of Glory) (Rathcannon Lake-Caellie VA)
Freighduff Grey (T4) 17,53
3.løb Specialløb Greyhounds 460m (He Knows-Leaders Gem)
Jamie King (T1) 29,06 Raceway Witchcraft (T6) 17,65
(Fifthofnovember-Lukes Gift) (Knickedickens Simba-Shikarees Pixie)
Hold On This One (T2) 29,49 Gingers Deed (T3) 17,63
(Spondulicks-Hold On El Shamoon) (Mustang Jack-Raise The Roof)
Mildred Hubble (T4) 30,02 Hold On Wild One (T1) 17,80
(Mustang Jack-Trade Princess) (Spondulicks-Hold On El Shamoon)
Kylegrove Tracy (T5) 30,15
(Patterdale Woody-Supa Style) 8.løb Kallerup Cup 2002,460m
Dear Lotus Hunter (T3) 30,62 Droopys Kirk (T4) 28,70 BR
(Hunting Hero-Dizzy Miss) (Trade Official-Droopys Darian)
Sober Man (T3) 29,43
4.løb Kallerup Cup Vet.272m (Mustang Jack-Bangor Roux)
Make My Day (T5) 16,41 BR Greenback Mazhar (T5) 29,94
(Monavaha Flash-Pretty Maid) (Sarah's Prince-My Girl Marie)
Rulle Marie (T3) 17,65 Hold On Sam's Son (T1) 29,95
(Lewaghmore Ey-My Girl Marie) (Spondulicks-Hold On El Shamoon)
Scandinavia Depot (T2) 17,95 Hold On Gold (T2) 29,97
(Castleyons GemPolnoon Lane) (Spondulicks-Hold On El Shamoon)
Hunting Girl (T4) 18,02
(Hunting Hero-Dizzy Miss) 9.løb Specialløb Greyhounds, 272m
Black Rose (T1) 18,99 Frisby Freetown (T5) 17,83
(Highlander-Savage Night) (Frisby Flashing-Westmead Spirit)
Hunting Joe (T6) 20,44 Lofty Sal (T3) 18,02
(Fast Soda-Siobhans Dream) (Leaders Mintral-Loughteen Sally)
Hunting Minnie (T4) 18,10
5.løb Kallerup Cup Whip.272m (Cabra Ace-Bilboa Bess)
Newkins Athene (T4) 19,38 BR Hunting Belle (T2) 18,45
(Fashion Quest-E.Mary Rose) (Cabra Ace-Bilboa Bess)
Newkins Afrodite (T2) 19,81 Ballytopper Pearl (T1) 18,45
(Fashion Quest-E.Mary Rose) (Spondulicks-Move Over Mindy)
Sing When You Win (T3) 20,09 Silent Trial (T6) 18,70
(Windsong Rainamn-Wholly Ghost) (Dynamic Fair-Last Trial)
Blackberry Bill (T1) 20,27
(Matching Flame-Buy British)